Frequently Asked Questions


Registering on the site is essential to identify your instruments, whether you are an individual, a professional musician or a luthier/music store.

It is essential so that we finally have access to the history of the instruments we purchase. Who has never wanted to know what life their guitar, trumpet or piano had before we owned it? Has your saxophone been the instrument of a famous musician, has it appeared on albums, has it toured internationally? Nothing existed until now. It’s time to tackle the problem!

Then, this allows you to centralize all the information on your instrument: its journey, its maintenance, its modifications, its invoices.

Finally, in the event of theft, your instrument is identified as stolen and becomes extremely difficult to resell since individuals and professionals have access to this information in a few minutes.
Absolutely not ! Only the photos, brand, serial number and status of the instrument (owned, rented, broken, stolen) are visible in the search engine results. Other information is only visible to members of the instrument's family tree.

As a reminder, MusicSentinel does not ask you for any sensitive data such as your address or telephone number, for obvious security reasons. We also recommend that you hide them if you save your invoices.
Because any false declaration of ownership is severely punished by law.
It’s very easy, everything is planned in your dashboard.
It happens that certain instruments are not identified. The serial number is essential to identify and protect your instrument. You must therefore contact your luthier who will be able to affix one such as your initials followed by the year of identification and your year of birth or a number that is dear to you. Be creative!
If you are already registered on the site, go to your instrument file and select “stolen” from the drop-down menu.

If you are not registered on the site, do so quickly so that your instrument is identifiable as soon as possible.
Go to your instrument sheet and select “sold” from the drop-down menu.
It is important to report the sale so that one can continue the “family tree” of the instrument.
If the instrument you have just acquired is already listed on the site without it being declared as sold, contact us at contact@musicsentinel.com
The site costs money because its design, its maintenance, the storage and security of your data have a cost. If we want a quality database, we have no choice. Prices are visible on the Subscriptions page.