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After more than 20 years in saxophone repair and various international experiences on stages and studios, I have witnessed the ignorance one can have regarding an instrument: its origin, its journey, the places it has played. Yet, each instrument has a story to tell. Each instrument has its own life. And its life is also a part of yours!

Caroline Bourret


CEO, Founder

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Join the community of passionate musicians who choose Music Sentinel to witness and celebrate the heritage of their instruments.

Our Mission

Archive your story, photos, and important events in the life and musical journey of your instrument. Over time, create a searchable history accessible worldwide for musicians, luthiers, or buyers

Your instrument has a story. This story is its heritage. And this heritage has value. Where did you buy your instrument? What style of music have you played with it? On what stage? In which region or country? What are its unique features, settings? Who maintains it? With its history, your instrument gains value.

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